Video creation in collaboration with Maxime Le Meillour
for the Latenium archeology museum in the permanent exhibition, in Neuchâtel.


“Strange -14000 BC _ 50000 images.”38min48s, 2023

is an animated drawing frieze on a 3d setting, projected as a diptych in the “HUNTER / GATHER” room from the museum’s permanent exhibition.




In the form of a diptych, the videos invite the viewer to immerse themselves in the historical context of the “hunter/gatherer” room.

By analogy with the parietal frescoes, we chose drawing (in chalk) to illustrate the environment of the Neolithic period -5500 -13000 BC.


We thus reproduce the gesture of our ancestors in the caves but in a digital way (iPad + stylus / graphics tablet).

3D creates depth to the composition through various camera movements in sequence shots.

The projection accompanies the visitor and becomes part of the exhibition.


This video is not strictly speaking a documentary vocation. It is a synthesized panorama of nature in the prehistoric era, with an artistic approach.


All our scenographic compositions are museum-inspired (Quai Branly type). The use of neutral backgrounds and overhead lights isolate each element on a mineral island.

Like a base, these “mineral pedestals” participate in the presentation of the animals.


The projection adds a contemporary and pictorial atmosphere to the exhibition space.

#minimalist #pictorial #graphic #contemporary


A big thank you to Marc Antoine Kaeser and Shany Morcaut.




— 2023