Exhibition Painting & Mapping AT Casona Compañia • Santiago de Chile

Painter : Robin Kowalewsky

Video Mapping : Sophie Le Meillour

5th of March 2022

Music : Otun — Montoya feat. Nidia Gongorag




Intentions of Robin

My latest project entitled “Awakening” : The time has come to detach from the mural so that it continues to grow in its own way, in its habitat. For three weeks we were lucky enough to develop this project alongside so many talented and caring people, who accompanied us in the process, making it grow and grow into the beauty that it is now.  The most beautiful aspects of the process of creating are the moments of collaboration, of raising a project to an unimaginable level with the sheer talent of other artists.

In this case, the queen of light Sophie Le Meillour turned the mural into a show of witchcraft and magic, stories and rituals, making him wake up at night with a dance of flames.

“DESPERTAR”, just like “Born”, are active processes and demand their own action. Delegating responsibility for your life is comfortable, but misleading. We continue to take charge of our own lives, let us be the owners of the change in them”