La Procesión | Immersive Installation from Collectif ATRAP, a collaboration with the muralist kthxbyee – Robin kowalewsky (GER) at LaVallée |Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium 



During the LaVallée de l‘image, Festival of Light and Video Installation, we drafted an exclusive installation, 5m48 of animation, exploring the space between street art and projection mapping. Through the use of light, sound and smog, the fictional world of “LA PROCESIÓN” lured the viewer into a multi-layered, 360° experience in many senses.

The projection was split in three narrative parts: Sound introduction to the tropical world, the rise and birth of the creatures through the experimental electronic ambient collage, and a grand finale rhythmic dance to the song of Barrio Lindo. The audio was adapted to the light show, thus merging into a sound-video experience.


Sound collaboration with : The electronic producer Barrio Lindo (AR) “La Sombrita” from Shika shika collective

Sound Ambiant by the duo electronic modular producers : JPE & Hervé Moire (FR)

Exhibition: 18 19 20.04.2019

Thanks Lou Savery & Pierre Martin, Un grand merci to all the team, Poppy Regis & Axel to help us !