“La selva”, Installation Wood, Light, Sound, Painting at Urban Art Hall, Berlin. March 2019 First manifestation of our collaboration with the German Muralist Artist Robin Kowalewsky. Between mapping trees painting and chamans smell created specially for the room, analog meets digital.



As part of the street art off-space for international mural artists, we particitpated with a new collaboration, creating a clash between illustration, projection, music and smell, using the dimensions of time and space. In the abandoned post office close to the river in the heart of Berlin, nature was taking back its space, reclaiming what used to belong to her. Cut-down branches of dead trees were hanging from the decomposing ceiling, mixing with the heavy smog that co- vered the floor completely. Hypnotic strobe light emphasised the heart beat of light and storm, that caressed the creatures. A cocktail of 15 herbs created a smell reminiscing about a time before human influence. En hommage à Amos <3


▼Illustrations, concept, implementation: Robin Kowalewsky (DE)

▼Mapping, animation, concept, implementation: Sophie Le Meillour (FR)

▼Fragrance: Motte Mottchen (DE)

▼Construction assistance: Jott BG (DE)

▼Sound: JAJA “El Ritmo” (DE)


Exhibition 03.03 – 09.03 Urban Art Hall |Klosterstraße 38-42, 13581 Berlin