I have a dream

Audiovisual installation between painting / mapping & light.

A collaboration with the Swiss Painter, Cristobal del Puey and the light engineer Benjamin Deferne.
Geneva, May 2021

► In March 2020, Cristobal completed a monumental fresco, a triptych of 3 panels measuring 2 by 3 meters.

► Entitled “My Redemption”, it encapsulates part of the history of the 20th century.
Backed by the complete collection of the Encyclopedia Universalis, this triptych calls out:

“What do we do with knowledge to build together
a world of expansion and not a world of retraction ? “

► In April 2021, he chose to work with Sophie Le Meillour, and Benjamin Deferne, sound and light engineer.

In the space of a week, they develop a 15 minutes audiovisual installation “I HAVE A DREAM”. In an abundant alternation of colors, a crazy creativity, they give an augmented reality to this monumental fresco which becomes another object, in its own right, an extension.

The triptych comes to life under this deluge of light and strikes our understanding.

Cristobal is a witness of his time. With each face, each person encountered, a form is born in him with the desire to transgress it on the canvas.

And it is only by the hand that he projects this ineffable onto the canvas, that this strange thing manifests itself, without intention but with intuition. Good or bad, it goes beyond judgment. That is. And you have to show it.
It took him a long time to connect this thing deep inside himself. Dissatisfaction is its spur. Much of his creativity reflects his character and his sense of self-criticism.