Theater show “DANS MA TETE” __ “in your head” New creation of “La Bête Hirsute” Cie (from 7 year old) 🇨🇭


An immersion in the factory of our emotions. A hypnotic journey full of humor and poetry


►Casino Theater of Rolle – 08th to 12th of March ►Maison de Chailly in Lausanne – 17th to 19th of March ►L’échandole in Yverdon-les-bains – 25th of March ►L’Oriental in Vevey – 31st of March to the 02nd of April


►Conception & writing | Alexandra Gentile ►Stage director | Julie Burnier ►Comedians |Laurent Baier, Alexandra Gentile, Gabriel Obergfel, Pauline Raineri ►Dramaturgy | Laurent Baier ►Choreography | Pauline Raineri ►Scenography | Wendy Tokuoka ►Mapping | Sophie Le Meillour ►Illustration | Benoit Schmid ►Music | Timothy Giddey ►Fashion design | Toni Teixeira ►Light | Theo Serez ►Photo | Aurelia Thys & Sophie Le Meillour


When you’re a kid, life should have the bright colors of carefree fun, the taste of “anything goes” and the satisfying smell of mud staining your clothes. But sometimes fear gets the best of us and life takes the form of two scratched knees. That’s what happens to eight-year-old Frédérique, who gets tripped up far too often by her fears. And since she is always told that her fears are in her head, she takes her courage in both hands, determined to visit them. A strange and delirious adventure begins in the heart of her own brain. Very quickly, she crosses paths with strange creatures who come to accompany her in her quest for courage… For this new creation, Alexandra Gentile offers us an immersion in the factory of our emotions. A dreamlike journey full of humor, poetry… and science!

And you, how is it in your head?