Performance|SPECTARE|at FLUX Laboratory
Geneva – March 2018

| SPECTARE |outlines the fact of looking at something through different angles. The project started from the fundamental difference between seeing things or watching them. The multidisciplinary project  focuses on the experience of the senses and perception to experiment vision, hearing, and the notion of space.

The diversity of the collective’s artistic practices makes it possible to set up this experience. Through video, light, projection, sound, dance, costumes, another world is revealed. This world is one of abstraction, which becomes and mergers through concrete of space.


Choreographer and Dancer | Arnaud Bacharach
Visual Artist |Sophie Le Meillour 
Costume Designer | Simon Thiébaud
Photographer |Marilou Jarry
Musicians Pierre Moreau & Clément Bruneau

> VIDEO Interview at Flux Laboratory by Juliette Clara, March 2018