Performance Contemporary dance / Video Projection / Sound creation.
postponed to December 2021 during LANCY LUMIERE Festival.


Visual Artist | Sophie Le Meillour

Dancer Choreographer & Energy Therapist| Alessia Sacco Casadei
Sound Design | William Spittlehouse aka TUNGUSKA


Do we exist outside of materials ?

What if our perceptions of the world, of the space around us, were to change, to transform.
What if our points of view, our certainties, reflecting our reality, were to fade.

How would we look at our existence then ? What understandings of life and reality would open to us ?

Video mapping by definition is an illusion, an impalpable projection, a luminous fresco; then unreal ?


Our scientists demonstrated at the beginning of the century, Nikôa Tesla among others … that the “Material” as we call it, does not exist as such. Everything is a vibratory state, everything in the universe is energy, nothing else”.

In this brand new project, the multidisciplinary trio, wish to experiment with different prisms of perceptions, while approaching dreams and illusion, in a sensory exploration and immersive. “Voyage Astral” will immerse the spectators in a dreamlike and infinite contemplation.

Thanks to Mathilde Babel Rostan, François Moncarey and the City of Lancy.