@ Spice Cellar – Sydney AU / With Gabrielle Abela 18.04.15

The Geneva based visual engineer – Sophie Le Meillour has joined forces with SPICE to create a unique experience for their audiences. Collaborating with Sydney based artist Gabby, they have built an awe-inspiring projection installation for the SPICE main room.

“Our inspiration for the space, was to create an all encompassing environment. Just like the music in that space permeates your mind and body, we wanted to create a Universe of continuous stimulation, working in harmony with the music to create a fully immersive nightclub experience unlike any other in Australia.

Using tulle layered in a superposition format, I am able to create a chronographic effect as I play with differing layers and textures of my visual aesthetic. The transparency of the installation ensures an openness for the audience, not cutting them off but inviting them inside.”

Sophie Le Meillour

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